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LiGRE’s free plan overview

In this video, we’ll show you how LiGRE’s free plan can be used for teamwork, transcribing audio and video interviews, and, more broadly, coding and analyzing qualitative data.

Convert your audio files into text in under 10 minutes

LiGRE’s automatic transcription tool takes only seconds to set up and a few minutes to transcribe your audio or video files. Select one of the 90 available languages, and let us do the job for you.

automatic transcription speech to text
QDA Software

Highlight the important parts of your text data and analyze them in minutes

LiGRE’s codification tool helps you quickly link important text fragments to your research’s analytical concepts, allowing you to get the most out of your data, whether audio or video recordings, qualitative survey results, interview transcripts, or any other large body of texts.

In conventional qualitative data analysis software, this process typically requires a steep learning curve that can be daunting. With LiGRE, it’s as easy as highlighting in a book.

Work with team members on your projects’ documents

Follow the evolution of your respondents throughout your research

The respondent management module will allow you to track your respondents’ progress and compare their perspectives easily.

Import your codification tree or create it from scratch

Define independent variables to refine the socio-demographic profile of your respondents.

Add memos to the components of your codification tree with one click. Manually set the weight of your fragments to reflect their importance in your research, and much more.

codification tree for qualitative data analysis
text fragments for qualitative data analysis

Always find the best quotes

qualitative _quantitative_mixed methods logos

Work together with colleagues on projects

LiGRE works on a project-by-project basis, allowing you to work in teams, compare multiple sets of documents with your colleagues, or keep your documents private.

Analyze your data with impressive charts or export it in .csv format

LiGRE automatically generates tables and charts that you can add to your presentation. However, if you need to go further, you can export your results in an SPSS or Excel compatible format to further your analysis.


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Qualitative Data Analysis Features

Codification tree management

Import your tree, or build it from within the application.

Data Export

LiGRE allows you to export all of your data, raw or coded.

Graph Generator

Use your data to create pie charts, bar charts, tables, and word clouds. Those graphs can be exported.

Analytical Crosstab

LiGRE’s crosstab tool allows you to test your hypothesis in seconds by comparing the relationships between variables.

Respondent Management

Assign up to two respondents per document.

Secure Cloud Storage

Have your data securely stored in our cloud. Our policy complies with GDPR standards. With a free plan, get up to 250MB and 10 documents.

Automatic Transcription

For as low as 6$/h, turn your audio and video files into easy-to-analyze texts. With the purchase of a premium package, get free transaction time every month.

Advanced Respondent Management

Define an unlimited number of respondents per document or use the same respondents on multiple documents and track their responses throughout the project.

Up to 50GB of secure cloud storage

Upload an unlimited number of documents or up to 50GB with a premium project.

Better public page visibility

Feature your research by being one of the most visited projects!

Survey Builder

Build your qualitative survey with ease, or import it from a text document. Distribute it efficiently via your share link.

Premium Features


Can’t find what you’re looking for? Ask for direct assistance!

You can contact our support team at any time to get direct help from one of our advisors. You can also check online, on our Knowledge Base, to find quick answers to your questions.

What are the prerequisites for using LiGRE?

You only need an Internet connection and a version equivalent to or greater than (1) Chrome 50.0.2661.86, (2) Safari 9.1 (11601.5.17.1), or (3) Microsoft Edge 38.14393.0.0. LiGRE can also be used from a tablet or cell phone with a version equivalent to or greater than (1) Chrome 55.0.2883.91 on Android or (2) Chrome 55.0.2883.79 on iOS.

What languages is LiGRE available in?

LiGRE is available in French and English. 

Can I invite people who do not have a LiGRE account to join one of my projects?

Yes, all you need is their email address to invite them to join your project.

Is LiGRE a safe environment for my data?

LiGRE has been developed following the industry’s best practices for firewalls, network segmentation, and SSL traffic encryption. Access to data and documents hosted on LiGRE is governed by a set of highly advanced security controls at the application level. Only the owner and designated members can access it.

Which audio and video file formats can be imported into LiGRE?

The formats supported by LiGRE are MP3, M4A, FLAC, WMA, MP4, MOV, M4V, and WMV.

Can I add documents in LiGRE that are in a different language?

Yes, it can processes ASCII characters in UTF-8 format, which means that it will work with most languages.

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