LiGRE Modernization is Underway

Team LiGRE, Canada

Feb 26, 2018

New Website Unveiled

You will be pleased to learn that we launched the first phase of our modernization plan for LiGRE last January.

The application site has been redesigned as a result of these changes. New sections will also be added soon, including a blog section that retraces and details the steps to conduct a research project entirely with LiGRE.

What’s next?

We also refined the application analysis module. From the same simple and easy-to-use interface you can now filter your data using Boolean operators and cross variables to generate graphs and tables ready for export.

We are currently developing a brand-new module that will allow you to import and automatically transcribe data directly from video-sharing sites like YouTube and Dailymotion. Also, we are bringing the latest touch to our automatic codification tool. Normally, these two new tools should be available by mid-March.

Ultimately, all of these changes will result in the release of LiGRE version 2.0, which should take place early this summer. This new version will be even faster and more refined and efficient.

We cannot wait to let you discover it.

Until then,

LiGRE Dev Team
Agile Developers