Here is LiGRE 2.0!

New features and a completely revamped interface

Team LiGRE
1 June 2018
Hi everyone!

Our first goal with this new version was to improve the experience of our users. Then, as we were reviewing the application, we felt that significant changes had to be made if we wanted to make LiGRE into the great research tool that we want it to be. So, what started as a simple outlook over what changes to make here and there, became this urge to rethink the application’s layout completely. And that’s what we did!

We started by giving LiGRE a makeover. Then, amongst many, many other things, we redesigned the menus to make the application more accessible. We also added a new functionality: the Automatic Codification, a tool dedicated to the simultaneous analysis and coding of large bodies of data.

What comes next?

As proud as we are of this new version, LiGRE 2.0 marks not the end but the beginning of changes. In the coming months, LiGRE will undergo a series of significant transformations that, we hope, will allow you to bring your research projects to the next level. Here’s a foretaste of what’s to come:

  • a tool to help you promote your research projects on social media
  • an interface for sharing data and information on social media
  • a theorizing tool
  • new languages available for the automatic transcription

Until then,

LiGRE Dev Team

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