The way you do your research is about to change!

Team LiGRE
September 10, 2019

The New LiGRE is Here!

Don’t wait to have completed your research to get people talking about it. Start generating a buzz now!

LiGRE is an application that aims to facilitate the analysis of qualitative data through advanced features such as automatic transcription and ultra-efficient and straightforward coding system.

Moreover, with the aim of facilitating the research process in mind, we are releasing a new feature allowing researchers and graduate students to connect with other researchers and promote their findings as they develop.

Introducing the New Public Page

Although everyone understands the importance of giving their research visibility, most people hesitate to create an online presence for their project. The reason for this is often that they consider it too complicated to create and maintain an updated webpage. All of that is about to change owing to the new LiGRE public page! Promoting your findings online has never been easier.

Make Changes in Real Time

LiGRE allows you to build your public page as you go. Additionally, every change you make to your public page is implemented in real time, allowing you to add new content fast.

Generate New Content Easily

New features have been added so you can upload text excerpts, graphs, and tables generated directly from your project data.

Get Feedback 

LiGRE’s public page offers several features that will allow your visitors to both discuss their appreciation of your work and exchange ideas with you.

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