What can you accomplish with LiGRE free of charge?

Team LiGRE

October 22, 2020

It is not always necessary to spend money to reach your goals. What type of qualitative research project can you complete using only LiGRE’s free features? The LiGRE team has looked into this question.

With the teamwork features, and a limit of 10 documents, a free qualitative project allows you to complete anywhere from a final assignment to a research project for a master’s thesis. 

Analyze documents as a team 

With LiGRE, you can work with a colleague even when you opt for a free package. When you are the owner of a shared project, you retain control over document assignment and remain the only contributor who can delete documents. As a team leader within a company or research group, you will be able to efficiently monitor the progress of your research project.  

Add up to 10 documents free of charge, enough to complete research within a master’s degree 

With 250 MB of storage in the cloud, you have the average adequate space to store interviews to complete a qualitative research project. In fact, many of our current users have completed their research project with the free package. 

An interesting tool for literature reviews 

Qualitative data analysis capabilities can be used not only to analyze interviews, but also to review articles or other documentation. For this type of analysis, LiGRE’s coding report is particularly useful, as it allows you to easily locate your fragments and cite them at the time you draft your text. 

Supervise the research projects of an entire class 

The LiGRE Laboratory is free of charge and offers the necessary features to monitor the progress of your students’ projects in real time. Each of your students can create a free qualitative project, and you can view the projects in real time and assign grades and comments to students. 

Try LiGRE for as long as you like before purchasing it 

The free package is not a free trial. So you can use it for a few days, months, or years, for as many projects as you like, before choosing a package that better suits your needs. 

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