Discover the Laboratory — LiGRE’s teaching platform

Team LiGRE

January 28, 2022

Teach and manage your class from home.

LiGRE’s Laboratory is a cloud-based platform dedicated to teaching qualitative data analysis. It offers all of LiGRE’s regular QDA features, plus it allows you to prepare your lessons, share and discuss educational content with your students, monitor their progress, and assist them throughout their work. Furthermore, no installations are required, and it is compatible with all devices. 

See the Laboratory in action.

Links to quick how-tos:

Get started.

1. Specify the size of your Laboratory.

The number of projects, the teams size, and the number of teaching assistants of your Laboratory can all be customized to meet your needs.


2. Set your Laboratory duration.

Premium Laboratories can last from one month to over a year.


3. And that’s it! You are good to go!


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