Every student and researcher knows that producing first-rate qualitative research takes time and money. However, you can reduce these costs by becoming a LiGRE ambassador. To do so, just post a short text or video describing how LiGRE’s features helped you with your research. Once an ambassador, you will be able to use the Researcher plan and its premium benefits free of charge for an entire year. 

You have until May 15, 2022, to take advantage of this offer. To participate, send us an email with your full name, publication type (blog post, article, video, tweet, etc.), and the topic(s) covered.

Selected participants will have one of their projects upgraded to the Researcher plan at no cost for two months. They can then use this time to produce their content, publish it online, and send us the link to review it. 

Once it has been reviewed, they will receive the title of ambassador and the ability to use the Researcher plan free of charge for one year on their existing projects or to create new ones. 

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