In addition to fixing some bugs, this update adds new features, some of which were highly anticipated.

PDF documents

Yes, you read it right! It is now possible to import and code PDF documents in LiGRE.

Bookmarks 2.0

Following your suggestions, the bookmarks have been redesigned so you can exchange ideas and comments with your teammates. All this without changing their primary function. 

What has changed:

    • No more yellow! Each of your team members now has their own bookmark colour, so you can determine who said what more quickly. 
    • All of your teammates’s bookmarks that have been placed in your project documents are now visible to you.
    • A search bar has been added to the list of bookmarks.
    • A comments field has been added to the bookmark creation form to enable you and your team to share notes or comments.

What remains the same:

    • You can access a bookmark by clicking on it in the bookmarks list.

Pairing transcriptions to multimedia files

A number of users have told us that they would like to be able to import audio and video recordings into LiGRE and link them to transcriptions that were not generated automatically but rather manually in other applications. The 5.0.7 update implements a system that we think will accommodate many of you on this point.

Here are the steps:

    • Add the transcription by copy/paste.
    • Once in the document, look for the new “Add Media File” button.
    • Once the pairing is done, you will need to set the start and end times of each paragraph, since their default value is 00:00.

Added folding/unfolding features to the coding tree diagram

Depending on the number of items in your coding tree, it can be challenging to find your way around the coding tree diagram. The items overlap and several of them cannot be displayed in the space provided. You have to play with the zoom, move the chart, etc. To improve the navigation, a suggestion was made to allow the folding/unfolding of the items inside the chart. Since we thought it was a great idea, we took advantage of this update to implement it.

Tree items can be folded:

    1. By clicking directly on an item.
    2. By using the “Fold All” button.

Tree items can be unfolded:

  1. By clicking on the item’s parent.
  2. By using the “Unfold All” button

We hope you find these new features useful. Please let us know if you have other ideas to improve LiGRE.

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