The integration tool allows you to create a new project from the data of several projects. This feature also enables you to establish equivalences between the leaves of your projects. These equivalencies are then used to reproduce the fragments of the reference projects and code them in the new project leaves, allowing you to amalgamate several project codifications in a few seconds. The content of the different projects involved remains independent. In this way, changes made to the content of one project do not interfere with the content of the others. It is also possible to combine the same projects several times, either at different moments of their progress or to try new combinations. Learn how to use this new feature by watching our video tutorial.

Get your university on LiGRE

Would you like to introduce LiGRE to students and faculty members at your university? Then this promotion is for you. For a limited time, the Student Laboratory Plan is available free of charge to all our subscribers. The laboratory is a great way to showcase LiGRE’s features and introduce qualitative data analysis techniques to undergraduate students. It allows teachers to moderate their class, assist students in their research, and share content with them. You have until September 30 to register, but once in, your labs can remain active until January 1, 2023. Multiple laboratories can be set per university; once the promotion is over, awesome discounts will be available to the participants.

Contact us at this address ( for more information about this promotion or to get your free student lab. 

* This promotion is only applicable for laboratories of twenty teams (3 team members maximum) or less that fit the student package as it is described on our website ( Initial setup is included, but fees will apply if training sessions are requested.

News from our ambassadors

We would also like to take this opportunity to introduce you to the video of two new LiGRE ambassadors. Thank you to Dr. Eleonora Volpato (Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, Italy) and Dr. Stefania Toniolo (Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, Italy). Their video is very informative and showcases several of LiGRE features. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Good news! Our ambassador promotion has been renewed. Each selected participant will be granted a premium license. You can find more information here.

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