Qualitative Research Conference Dates for 2024

In the ever-evolving landscape of qualitative research, staying abreast of the latest methodologies, insights, and collaborative opportunities is crucial for researchers and research teams. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is by participating in qualitative research conferences. In this blog post, we will explore key conference dates for 2024 that are set to bring together the qualitative research community, offering a platform for sharing innovative qualitative inquiry, discussing qualitative research methods, and fostering collaboration among qualitative researchers.

Qualitative Research Conference Dates for 2024

To assist you in planning your calendar, here’s a look at some key qualitative research conference dates for 2024. Mark these dates to ensure you don’t miss out on the opportunity to immerse yourself in the qualitative research community.

1. The QRCA Annual Conference

Date: January 22-25, 2024
Location: Denver, Colorado

The Qualitative Research Consultants Association is holding its annual conference this year in snowy Denver, Colorado. 

This conference is an exploratory 4-day immersion into the dynamic world of qualitative research. The event caters to all facets of the qualitative research community. Whether you’re a seasoned moderator, analyst, strategist, design researcher, recruiter, or facility manager, this conference is your gateway to a transformative experience. Described as the prime opportunity for qualitative learning and networking, the QRCA Annual Conference fosters a culture of idea sharing, resource collaboration, and growth, providing a unique platform for consultants, agencies, in-house researchers, and suppliers. 

The Qualitative Research Consultants Association (QRCA) delivers invaluable resources to its members and professionals engaged in research, setting the standard within the industry. The QRCA prides itself on its commitment to maintaining a close-knit community atmosphere, guaranteeing not only professional development but also lifelong connections in a vibrant and enjoyable setting. 

2. World Conference on Qualitative Research: WCQR

Date: January 23-25
Location: Azores (Portugal) & Johannesburg (South Africa) + Online

The 8th World Conference on Qualitative Research (WCQR2024) stands as a global gathering of qualitative researchers, renowned authors, and research groups spanning over 40 countries. This annual event, held from January 23rd to 25th, 2024, will take place simultaneously in São Miguel – Azores (Portugal), Johannesburg (South Africa), and online. The WCQR has established itself as a premiere platform, fostering discussions and disseminating the pinnacle of scientific production in Qualitative Research.

With a multidisciplinary and committed community, WCQR2024 welcomes abstract submissions encompassing diverse fields, from Education to Health, Social Sciences, Engineering and Technology, among others. This three-day event offers a wide perspective, addressing various themes and dimensions of research and underlining its significance in the qualitative research landscape.

Participants can anticipate networking opportunities with qualitative researchers worldwide, engaging with renowned keynote speakers, and benefiting from a diverse program. The WCQR, recognized for its thorough paper review process, encourages the publication of works in high-impact factor journals. With a dedication to providing close and personalized support, the WCQR2024 promises an enriching experience for researchers before, during, and after the event. Join this international gathering to delve into the forefront of qualitative research and exchange experiences with a global community of scholars and professionals.

3. International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry

Date: May 15-18, 2024 (in person) May 29-31 (virtual)
Location: University of Illinois

The 20th International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry (ICQI) is set to unfold from May 15-18, 2024, at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. The event revolves around the theme “Qualitative Inquiry in the Present Tense: Writing a New History.” In the face of ongoing global challenges, from the enduring impacts of the pandemic to political, economic, and environmental tumult, the Congress invites participants to rethink qualitative research methodologies.

Exploring uncharted territories, attendees will grapple with the evolving landscape of qualitative inquiry, seeking innovative ways to intervene, enact change, and contribute to a fresh historical narrative of the present. The diverse program encompasses discussions on contemporary social phenomena, methodological innovations, social justice and equity, narrative and storytelling, digital methods, politics of science, and more.

With a commitment to inclusivity, the Congress welcomes papers and sessions spanning a broad spectrum of topics, from feminist inquiry to critical race theory, intersectionality, and beyond. Scholars from around the world will convene, whether in person or virtually, to celebrate community and experiment with traditional and new methodologies. The dual-format offering—a traditional in-person gathering followed by a virtual Congress—accommodates the evolving post-pandemic landscape, ensuring that the rich tapestry of qualitative research continues to unfold and inspire positive change.

4. Qualitative Research Summer Intensive

Date: July 22-26 and July 31-August 2, 2024
Location: Virtual (Zoom)

Immerse yourself in the world of qualitative research at the Qualitative Research Summer Intensive. This event, presented by ResearchTalk and The Odum Institute, offers a blend of theoretical and practical knowledge through a curated selection of courses. 

Participants can choose from a variety of courses spanning two-day intensives to one-day deep dives, covering topics such as social justice research projects, grant writing, qualitative literacy, and netnography essentials. Notable courses include “Design Thinking in Qualitative Research,” “Introduction to Grounded Theory,” and “Advancing a Critical Ethics of Care in Research.” With a flexible schedule and renowned instructors, the Qualitative Research Summer Intensive is a golden opportunity to expand your qualitative research toolkit and engage with cutting-edge methodologies.

5. 2024 Annual Meeting of the Society for Qualitative Inquiry in Psychology

Date: June 14-16, 2024
Location: Boston, MA

Dive into the rich landscape of qualitative research at the SQIP Annual Conference, where the spotlight is on the pivotal role of qualitative methodology in unraveling psychological phenomena. This gathering invites proposals spanning a spectrum of topics, from groundbreaking advancements in qualitative approaches to ethical considerations in research. Whether delving into effective instruction, innovative method applications, or exploring the intricacies of psychological life and social relations, the conference fosters a dynamic platform for multidisciplinary and international scholars and students.

SQIP is dedicated to advancing and disseminating qualitative methods that deepen our understanding of psychological life, encompassing lived experiences, expressions, practices, and social conduct. The association, deeply involved in APA activities related to qualitative research, emphasizes collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and mentoring within the qualitative psychology community. Join SQIP in pushing the boundaries of qualitative research at the forefront of understanding psychological intricacies.

6. Qual360

Date: March 13-24, 2024 
Location: Washington D.C.

Qual360 is a global conference series exclusively devoted to qualitative market research. With 15 years of history, Qual360 stands as a beacon for a robust global community of passionate “Quallies.” The event serves as a unique gathering, uniting research professionals from international brands, leading agencies, and independent industry experts.

At Qual360, the focus is on networking, learning, and fostering new opportunities. Industry leaders converge to engage in discussions on innovative research approaches, stay abreast of the latest methodologies, and explore ways to leverage new insights. What sets Qual360 apart is its commitment to excellence—the conference agenda is meticulously curated by an independent advisory board, ensuring that all speaking proposals meet the highest standards of quality.

Qual360 is your gateway to a dynamic community dedicated to pushing the boundaries of qualitative research, shaping the industry’s trajectory, and unlocking new dimensions of insight.


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