Apply to be a LiGRE Ambassador

Have you used LiGRE for your qualitative data analysis project, and recommend that others try it? If so, you should apply for one of LiGRE’s limited Ambassador positions.

What is a LiGRE Ambassador?


A LiGRE Ambassador is someone who has used LiGRE to help organize and analyze qualitative data for their research projects, found it to be a very helpful tool, and wants to encourage others to try the platform. 

In return, LiGRE offers its Ambassadors a FREE 12-month LiGRE license that gives them access to all of LiGRE’s premium features for an unlimited number of projects. YES, an unlimited number of projects for FREE.

Specifically, this includes:

Total value of up to $1,100 over 12 months, for FREE!

What other LiGRE QDA Ambassadors are saying?

“LiGRE Software has been an indispensable asset in our management of qualitative research. Their dedicated tools and resources specifically tailored for qualitative analysis have revolutionized our research processes. The software’s intuitive features, comprehensive data organization, and powerful analytical capabilities have significantly enhanced our ability to derive meaningful insights from our qualitative data. LiGRE Software’s commitment to the qualitative research community is commendable, and we’re immensely appreciative of their continuous support in advancing our research endeavours.”

Eleonora Volpato

Research Collaborator , Fondazione Don Carlo Gnocchi ONLUS

“Since 2017, Coop Le Collaboratoire has developed expertise in integrated qualitative and mixed research, responding to the concrete information needs of organizations from the social economy and cultural sectors. Right from the start, LiGRE proved to be an invaluable tool for efficiently and collaboratively processing our qualitative data, i.e., with a small team of researchers. The platform proved to be more user-friendly and practical than the alternative offerings encountered during my university career, especially when conducting inductive analysis (e.g., grounded theorizing) on the data. I’ve also had tailor-made technical support when I needed it. Since then, LiGRE has become an essential part of our toolbox as independent research practitioners seeking to make the most of today’s computing possibilities.”

Émilie Dazé

Founder and Researcher, Coop Le Collaboratoire

“LiGRE Software is an intuitive and user-friendly tool: its interface, functioning and tools are easy to understand and implement in your research. Data analysis and graphic outputs are immediate and engaging both for articles and presentation panels. Moreover, LiGRE team is willing to help you for any inconvenience. On the basis of our experience, LiGRE is an highly recommended software for qualitative analysis.”

Stefania Toniolo

Psicologa, ISeRDiP

“After two years of working with Ligre, I highly recommend it to researchers and university students. Ligre is a qualitative analysis software that combines simplicity, power, and portability. The interface is easy to understand, airy, and practically structured, making it quick to learn its functionalities and launch research activities. The video clips available online provide helpful information for understanding the details of the software. Ligre can analyze audio, video, and text (PDF) files. My experience concerns only the latter category. In this sense, the data processing tools allow different types of inductive and deductive analysis, cross-referencing of qualitative data and other modalities, and visual presentation of results. Reports can be produced in a variety of formats and downloaded quickly. Based on my experience, Ligre is a particularly advantageous software for collaborative research.”

Eduardo González Castillo

assistant professor, University of Ottawa

What does a LiGRE Ambassador need to do in exchange for a FREE 12 month License?

Not a lot; we’re only asking our Ambassadors to do 3 things in return:

1. Post a monthly to either LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook (or all if you’re really keen!) saying you use LiGRE, think it’s a great tool, and recommend others try using the platform. Don’t worry, we’ll give you helpful examples to use and will even send a friendly reminder each month. These posts may look something like:

    2. Add LiGRE Ambassador under Experience in your LinkedIn Profile like so:

    3. If you like being a LiGRE Ambassador, send us a short testimonial.

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    How to apply to be a LiGRE Ambassador?

    Easy: simply complete the following form. Make sure that you answer the following questions in your message:

    • How long have you used LiGRE QDA?
    • What post-secondary do you attend or work at? 
    • Tell us something interesting about yourself.

    We’ll then review your application email and will let you know if you have been selected as a LiGRE Ambassador at your post-secondary.

    9 + 4 =


    Need help finding the information you are looking for? Write to us!

    You can contact our support team. One of our representatives will be happy to answer your questions. 


    How do I become a LiGRE QDA Ambassador?

    Simple – fill out the previous form and tell us how long you’ve been using LiGRE QDA, what post-secondary you attend, and who your favorite BTS member is. Just kidding about the last question, but we are curious to know… 🙂


    Can there be more than one LiGRE Ambassador per post-secondary?

    No, but send an email to to see if your post-secondary has a LiGRE QDA Ambassador. If it does, exceptions may be made if they soon graduate or intend not to use the platform once their 12-month license expires.


    When I become a LiGRE Ambassador, when will my free license and premium features be activated?

    It shouldn’t take long for the LiGRE team to transition your LiGRE QDA account to the free 12-month license, which includes access to all the premium features.

    Get a free LiGRE License by becoming an ambassador

    In addition to being able to use all of LiGRE’s Premium features free of charge for one year, LiGRE ambassadors are eligible for a 25% discount on automatic transcription time. Write to us for additional information.

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