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The way you do your research is about to change!

The way you do your research is about to change!

Although everyone understands the importance of giving their research visibility, most people hesitate to create an online presence for their project. The reason for this is often that they consider it too complicated to create and maintain an updated webpage. All of that is about to change owing to the new LiGRE public page!.Promoting your findings online has never been easier!

Last Release Before 2019

Last Release Before 2019

Thank you for welcoming us in your mailbox throughout 2018! Your feedback, suggestions, and tips have convinced us that we're partnering up with some of the world's sharpest and most tech-savvy social scientists. It's a real privilege!

With the end of the year fast approaching, we're getting ready to make great new additions to LiGRE. We hope you'll put them to good use, but we would also like to ask you a favor. We’ve spent lots of time improving LiGRE. If you enjoy our application and its features, please spread the word to your colleagues. It really helps. Thank you!

With that said, on to the final installment of 2018: a newly revamped LiGRE's laboratory and the unveiling of our brand-new theorizing tool!

Here is LiGRE 2.0!

Here is LiGRE 2.0!

Our first goal with this new version was to improve the experience of our users. Then, as we were reviewing the application, we felt that significant changes had to be made if we wanted to make LiGRE into the great research tool that we want it to be. So, what started as a simple outlook over what changes to make here and there, became this urge to rethink the application's layout completely. And that's what we did!

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LiGRE's Project Formula facilitates teamwork and allows you to assign tasks to your associate, process large volumes of data, and enjoy all of the tools and features at your disposal.

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LiGRE's Laboratory is built to help teachers and students conduct qualitative analyses. It is an intuitive and user-friendly tool designed explicitly for teaching and learning in a classroom.

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