Work in your own cloud environment

Do you process sensitive data? The dedicated server is for you! This service gives you access to a highly secure LiGRE environment dedicated to your organization and its members.


Limited access

Access to your environment is restricted to members of your organization.

Private connection

Access to the environment is possible only through a VPN connection.

Dedicated database

Only data from your organization’s data is stored in your environment.

Local hosting

Data and projects of your members reside exclusively on your organization’s servers.


Our team handles updates and ensures that your environment remains protected.

Effective assistance

This service provides you with access to effective service and assistance.

Your private cloud

The dedicated server allows you to benefit from all the advantages offered by the general public platform but in a private environment.


Invite your colleagues and collaborate in real-time.

No synchronization

Whenever a change is made, it takes effect instantly.

Universal compatibility

Compatible with all platforms and major browsers.

Gain speed and efficiency

LiGRE’s intuitive interface is easy to learn and use and will save you time.

The dedicated server is compatible with all teams

Whether your team is large or small, this service can accommodate everyone. Contact us for more information or to request a quote.


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Need help finding the information you are looking for? Write to us!

You can contact our support team. One of our representatives will be happy to answer your questions.


Are different configurations possible?

Yes, each installation is tailored to the specifics of each client, but falls into one of two categories: a local server or a LiGRE server.


What is special about a local server?

If you choose this configuration, the application will be hosted on one of our servers. This server will be exclusively dedicated to your institution. A connection will be established between this server and those of your institution to allow data transfer. Thus, the connection to your LiGRE environment will be made from our server, but all the work and data generated by your members will be stored on your institution’s servers. None of the data will be stored at the application level. The price for a local server is determined according to the number of users and the configuration and maintenance costs. Additionally, there are fees for the connection gateway between the two environments.


What is special about a LiGRE server?

As with the local server, this solution will give you access to a private installation entirely dedicated to your institution. Only the members of your institution will be able to connect and use it. However, this solution differs from the local server because the data resides in our environment. No gateway needs to be configured to ensure data transfer. Therefore, this solution is faster to implement and less expensive. The number of users and the configuration and maintenance costs determine the price of a LiGRE server.


Who is in charge of updating and monitoring the activities on dedicated servers?

Whether you choose a local or LiGRE server, our team will be responsible for keeping all application-related information up to date. The update and maintenance of the database will be the responsibility of your institution’s IT department if you choose a local server. Our services will take care of this aspect if you choose a LiGRE server. All dedicated servers include a monitoring application, allowing you to control your members’ access and assist them in their work.


Can automatic transcription time be included in an institutional license?

Yes, two solutions are possible. Several transcription hours can be deposited in the accounts of all your members. This deposit will be made automatically when accounts are created or, in the case of pre-existing accounts, when the license is activated or renewed. The administration of your institution’s time bank can also be done manually via the monitoring platform. You can then regulate the distribution and adjust the transcription time according to the needs of your users.

Get a free LiGRE License by becoming an ambassador

In addition to being able to use all of LiGRE’s Premium features free of charge for one year, LiGRE ambassadors are eligible for a 25% discount on automatic transcription time. Write to us for additional information.

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