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LiGRE’s Integration Tool allows you to combine data from multiple projects into a new project. More than that, LiGRE allows you to automatically merge the codifications of various projects by mapping equivalencies between the analysis categories in their tree graph.

Easy to Use

Project integration is done in three quick and easy steps.

#1. Select a reference project.

#2. Select the projects that will be included in the reference project.

#3. Define equivalencies between the analysis categories of the reference project and those of other projects.

Once the pairing is complete, a new project will be generated. All the fragments related to the selected analysis categories will have been reproduced. This new project is fully functional and can be used as a starting point for further research.

Combine the results of multiple QDA projects with LiGRE’s integration tool

Learn how to create a new project from the results of multiple projects using LiGRE’s integration tool. The integration tool is useful for conducting longitudinal studies or combining results from various research projects.

Key Features

Combine surveys and interviews — One of the key features of LIGRE’s integration tool is its ability to compile and integrate your qualitative data with your quantitative data. Additionally, features such as independent variables, respondents, and fragment weights can be used to increase the compatibility of your projects and facilitate the integration of your qualitative data.

Combine your projects with those of your colleagues —  The integration tool is only available to project owners by default. However, the team management system allows project owners to extend this option to their team members. In doing so, you can combine projects that belong to you and those for which you have been granted this privilege. The possibilities are endless!

No additional cost — The integration tool can be used free of charge. There is no limit to the number of projects that can be combined. However, if the sum of the combined projects’ components exceeds the limits of your current plan, you will have to upgrade it.


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Is it possible to merge a qualitative project with a quantitative project?

Yes, this is one of the key features of LiGRE’s data integrator. It is equipped with a weighting system that automatically compiles and integrates your qualitative data with your quantitative data in order to get the statistical value of your sample.


How many projects can I merge together in LIGRE?

You can merge as many projects as you like. LiGRE’s data integrator was specifically designed to provide users with flexibility and control in managing data from multiple sources.


Can I merge my projects with those of my colleagues?

Yes, you can do this by inviting your colleagues into your LiGRE project. Each member is responsible for the data they share. They retain control over their data and can remove it from the project at anytime. Administrators of a LiGRE project can control associations and remove inappropriate ones.


In what format can I export my results?

Your survey results can be exported in CSV format, compatible with SPSS and SAS. You can also obtain a PDF report of each completed survey.

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