Teach Qualitative Methods for Free with the LiGRE Laboratory!

Designed specifically for teaching purposes, the LiGRE laboratory is the perfect environment to introduce your students to the qualitative methodology.

Students Working in the Laboratory

Monitor the Progress of Your Class

Follow the progress of your students in real time

The LiGRE laboratory allows you to create a work space in which students can conduct research projects under your supervision, while allowing you to view their project and evaluate their results.

Perfect for Teaching

The LiGRE laboratory offers all the essential features to help your students complete their projects

The intuitive interface and advanced functionalities of the LiGRE laboratory will quickly enable your students to become more familiar with the principles and techniques of qualitative research. 

Teach Outside the Classroom

LiGRE’s cloud-based technology allows both you and your students to overcome the limitations of old technologies

The LiGRE laboratory is compatible with most Web platforms and requires only an Internet connection to operate. Your students can thus access their project from anywhere and at any time, which makes it very useful since students don’t have to be in class to move their project along!

Elevate your Classroom

The LiGRE laboratory is an excellent way for your students to become familiar with qualitative methodology while allowing them to keep their results as a reference point for future research.


Can’t find what you’re looking for? Ask for direct assistance!

You can contact our support team at any time to get direct help from one of our advisors. You can also check online, on our Knowledge Base, to find quick answers to your questions.

How does the laboratory work?

First, you must invite your students to the laboratory. Each invited student can then create an individual or team project in the laboratory. As laboratory owner, you can follow, comment and evaluate all the projects created.

Is teaching material provided?

Yes, we provide a user guide and slideshow to help you teach the qualitative methodology within LiGRE.

How are project teams built within a laboratory?

You only have to invite the team leaders in your laboratory. They can then invite their student colleagues to join their project.

Can I buy automatic transcription time for my student?

Yes, you can purchase automatic transcription time and redistribute it to your students using your laboratory’s interface. The purchased transcription time will be stored in your personal time bank. Any excess time will be yours once the laboratory is archived.

What happens when I close my laboratory?

The students’ projects will be archived, thus allowing them to continue to consult them or reopen them to keep working on them.

Can a laboratory have more than one evaluator?

Yes, you can invite colleagues to assist you in the evaluation process.

LiGRE's Project Formula

LiGRE's Project Formula facilitates teamwork and allows you to assign tasks to your associate, process large volumes of data and enjoy tools and features tailored to your needs.

LiGRE's Laboratory

LiGRE's Laboratory is built to help teachers and students conduct analyses with qualitative data. It is an intuitive and user-friendly tool specifically designed for teaching and learning in a classroom.

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