Connect your account or university to LiGRE

The LiGRE license can cover all the needs of a research group, department, faculty, or university. Several types of licenses are available, but the LiGRE license generally covers the costs of qualitative data analysis projects, surveys, labs, and automatic transcription hours for a wide range of users.

Easy to set up

A license takes only a few moments to set up, and once it’s done, its benefits are immediately available to all your users – whether or not they have an account.

Stay in control!

It is possible to include a monitoring platform in your license, based on your needs. This platform allows you to control access, assist users, view and edit their files, reassign projects, and much more. Contact us for more information.

Close support

The LiGRE license gives you a direct line to our support team. Our team is at your disposal for training, technical support, research assistance, or monitoring.

The best price on the market

You won’t find a better price elsewhere for one user up to thirty!

Bigger needs?

Contact us for additional information or to request an estimate for any license over 30 users.


4 + 15 =


Need help finding the information you are looking for? Write to us!

You can contact our support team. One of our representatives will be happy to answer your questions.


Are there different types of LiGRE licenses?

Yes, there are two types of LiGRE licenses: open and closed. These two licenses vary in the kind of coverage they provide.


What is special about an open license?

An open license has no user limit, meaning that all members and/or affiliates of your institution are covered by this type of license, whether they already have an account or not. The price of an open license is determined by the number of users who actively take advantage of the benefits the license offers.


What is special about a closed license?

The closed license is limited. The benefits it offers are only applied to a predefined list of users. Depending on your needs, this list of users can include all of your members or only some of them. The price of a closed license is determined by the number of users that the license will cover.


What are the advantages of the monitoring platform?

The monitoring platform allows you to add, modify and remove access of users affiliated with your institution. Additionally, the monitoring platform gives you the right to monitor your members’ accounts and projects and assist them in the use of the application.


Can automatic transcription time be included in a LiGRE license?

Yes, two solutions are possible. Several transcription hours can be deposited in the accounts of all your members. This deposit will be made automatically when accounts are created or, in the case of pre-existing accounts, when the license is activated or renewed. The administration of your institution’s time bank can also be done manually via the monitoring platform. You can then regulate the distribution and adjust the transcription time according to the needs of your users.

Get a free LiGRE License by becoming an ambassador

In addition to being able to use all of LiGRE’s Premium features free of charge for one year, LiGRE ambassadors are eligible for a 25% discount on automatic transcription time. Write to us for additional information.

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