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In addition to making the analysis process much more enjoyable, LiGRE’s features will speed up the processing of your qualitative data. 

Analyze your data and explore every avenue

Whether you are working alone or in a team, using LiGRE allows you to code a larger volume of data in less time than it would otherwise. Additionally, LiGRE’s analysis tools allow you to explore all avenues and support your conclusions.

Get started now

Create an account — It’s free and only takes a few seconds.

Add a project — You have four options: create a qualitative project or a web survey, copy an existing project, or combine several projects. Start with the free student package.

Import data — Add your data to your project – Text, PDF, CSV, Audio, Video, Youtube, etc.

Collecting data through qualitative surveys — LiGRE is not limited to data analysis. Its questionnaire module allows you to design and distribute web surveys. You can then export the results or incorporate them into your QDA projects.

Automatic Transcription — Convert your audio and video files into text files ready for analysis in minutes. LIGRE can support over 90 languages, and its encoding interface is compatible with right-to-left languages.

Define respondents — Link respondents to your documents and track their responses throughout the project.

Create your coding tree — Build your tree graph as you analyze your data or generate it in a single step from a text file. Lock it to prevent editing, or allow your team members to add their categories.

Code your data — Code your documents independently or share this task with your team members by assigning them documents. Use the “Advanced Search” tool to search for phrases in your documents and automatically code them.

Analyze your results — Generate tables and charts, perform crossovers, compare relationships, and conduct searches to support your conclusions.

Export your results — Download your raw or coded data.


Find out how LiGRE works

Watch this tutorial to familiarize yourself with how LiGRE works. Learn how to define variables and respondents, and code and search your data.

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Connect your university with a LiGRE License

The standard package is free, but to get access to LiGRE’s more advanced features you must upgrade to a Premium package. Whether you are a dozen users or represent an entire department, a LiGRE license is a great way to reduce costs and gain access to all of LiGRE’s features. Several types of licenses are available depending on the needs of your institution.

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How many coding levels can I create with the coding tree?

You can create three levels: roots, branches, and leaves. Each leaf is assigned a colour, allowing you to quickly identify the fragments in the text. You don’t have to create all the roots and branches of your tree to start coding; you can use orphan leaves that you will sort later.


Can I create independent variables in LiGRE?

Yes, even though there are no predefined independent variables in LiGRE, you can create your own very easily. You can create as many independent variables as you want.


How does coding work in LiGRE?

Data coding is done first by detailing the categories of analysis, or, as we call them in LiGRE, leaves. The researcher then reviews the data and assigns the leaves to fragments such as words, lines, or paragraphs. This is done simply by selecting the data directly in the text.


Can I access my audio and video data when I do the encoding?

Yes, LiGRE was designed to save you time. Once your automatic transcription is complete, you can replay the excerpts associated with a paragraph and edit the text as you code your data.

Get a free LiGRE License by becoming an ambassador

In addition to being able to use all of LiGRE’s Premium features free of charge for one year, LiGRE ambassadors are eligible for a 25% discount on automatic transcription time. Write to us for additional information.

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