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How long do I have to work on one of my projects?

A project can last as long as you want. The subscription is monthly or yearly and will be renewed automatically as long as your project remains active.

If I disable my account, will all my data be deleted?

No, all of your data will be stored.  You will find all of your data if you decide to return. Let us know if you prefer that your data be deleted.

Who can invite and expel a project member?

Project Owners can invite people to join a project and to expel them as well as permit other members to do the same. The member’s management page must be accessed to modify their status to change a member’s role.

Is it possible to reactivate a canceled subscription?

Yes, it is possible by repurchasing the project’s subscription. In LiGRE, you only pay for what you use. You may suspend your subscription as often as you need without compromising your data.

What should I do if my account no longer works?

If your account becomes inaccessible and you did not disable it, you should contact the LiGRE support team at

Does my project's recycle bin empty out automatically?

No, the recycle bin does not empty automatically. When you are nearing the document storage limit, remember to empty your recycle bin before upgrading your project’s premium plan.

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