Survey Builder

From the simplest to the most complicated project, LiGRE’s Survey Builder will make it easy to gather the data you need

Packed with Advanced Features

Create a complete survey in just a few minutes

Import your survey directly from a Word.doc file with a simple copy/paste, quickly create device-responsive web & mobile surveys, review your results in real-time, and much more.

Brimming with Advanced Features
Analyze Your Results Quickly

Analyze Your Results in Real-Time

LiGRE has several analytical tools that will help you make sense of your data

Instantly create and export tables and graphs from your surveys. You can also export raw data and analyze it with SPSS, SAS or another statistical analysis software

Exceed Your Expectations

Merge technologies. Merge data. Get a deeper analysis.

In addition to allowing you to distribute surveys and codify interviews, LiGRE also lets you incorporate and cross tab all of your results in a single sample.

Surpasse Expectations
Have You Particular Needs

Do You Have Particular Needs?

Get tailored development services 

Our development team is friendly, multilingual, reachable at all times, and dedicated to helping you complete your project. Don’t hesitate to contact us to share your suggestions or needs with us.

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LiGRE is a free cloud-based application that not only specializes in the analysis of qualitative data but can also automatically transcribe audio and video files!


Can’t find what you’re looking for? Ask for direct assistance!

You can contact our support team at any time to get direct help from one of our advisors. You can also check online, on our Knowledge Base, to find quick answers to your questions.

How can I distribute my survey with LiGRE?

You can distribute your survey by using a unique URL link managed by the application. This URL can be shared through social media or sent by email. LiGRE also includes a management tool that allows you to import a list of respondents, invite them to participate via email, and track their progress.

Can I edit a survey from a document that was created using the copy-paste function ?

Yes, you will be able to edit your survey as easily as if you had built it directly in LiGRE. You can correct mistakes, add text, edit questions, and much more.

What do I need to do to create a survey from a .doc file?

You must ensure that the sections, questions, and answers of your survey are preceded by the appropriate tags, which are # for sections, * for questions, and > for answers. Any other text that is not preceded by these markers will be ignored.

In what formats can I export my results?

The results of your survey can be exported in CSV format compatible with SPSS and SAS. You can also obtain a PDF report for each completed survey.

LiGRE's Project Formula

LiGRE's Project Formula facilitates teamwork and allows you to assign tasks to your associate, process large volumes of data, and enjoy all of the tools and features at your disposal.

LiGRE's Laboratory

LiGRE's Laboratory is built to help teachers and students conduct qualitative analyses. It is an intuitive and user-friendly tool designed explicitly for teaching and learning in a classroom.

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