Make and analyze qualitative surveys with LiGRE

LiGRE’s survey designer allows you to choose from several types of questions, rearrange the survey items by drag and drop, and customize each aspect with exceptional ease. LiGRE also allows you to generate a web survey from a Word document.

Personalize your respondents’ experience

Customize the layout of your surveys — Adjust the colours, images, and fonts of your surveys to suit your needs.

Configure different paths for your respondents — Vary the questions presented to respondents based on their answers or scores.

Conduct an in-depth analysis

Code your surveys’ qualitative content — Transfer survey results into LiGRE’s QDA tool to code the text responses.

Analyze your results — Compare results, cross-reference variables, and generate reports, graphs, and tables to support your findings.

Leave no stone unturned — Export your results in an SPSS or Excel compatible format for further analysis.

Code the results of your surveys with LiGRE’s QDA tool

In this video, learn how to use the “Response Matrix” option in LiGRE’s QDA tool to import and code your survey results. Additionally, see how this option can process results from a LiGRE survey as well as those from Google Form, LimeSurvey, or SurveyMonkey.

100% Responsive

Compatible with all platforms — LiGRE is compatible with all platforms and all screen sizes. This allows respondents to answer using their phone, tablet, or computer.

Key Features


Options abound — Choose amongst 16 different question types to build your surveys. You can combine them in grids and use N/A (Not applicable) and Other (please specify) options for more precise answers.

Weight in — Add scores to your answer choices to show your respondents how they faired or to weigh their answers. Advance branching conditions can also be defined using answers’ scores.

Distribution campaign — Organize distribution campaigns via email or social media, track respondent progress, and schedule reminders to follow-up with late responders.

Multilingual — Translate your survey into multiple languages. The version presented to respondents will automatically adjust according to their browser language or preference.

Work with others — Design your survey with others. Invite your colleagues and see their work being implemented in real-time. Once on your team, your colleagues can also help you distribute your surveys.


Qualitative surveys — Use the built-in justification fields to get more information for your close-ended questions. Their content will be automatically coded in their corresponding category once your survey results are integrated into a QDA project.


Need help finding the information you are looking for? Write to us!

You can contact our support team. One of our representatives will be happy to answer your questions.


How do I distribute my survey?

You can distribute your survey using a unique URL. This URL link can be shared via social networks or sent by email. LiGRE also includes a management tool that allows you to import a list of respondents, invite them to participate by email, and track their progress.


Can I modify a survey from a copied and pasted document?

Yes, you can edit your survey as easily as if you had designed it directly in the application. You can correct errors, add text, change questions, and more.


How do I create a survey from a .doc document?

You must ensure that the correct sign precedes the pages, questions, and answers. These signs are # for pages, * for questions, and > for answers. Any other lines that are not preceded by one of these signs will be ignored.


In what format can I export my results?

Your survey results can be exported in CSV format, which is compatible with SPSS and SAS. You can also obtain a PDF report of each completed survey.

Get a free LiGRE License by becoming an ambassador

In addition to being able to use all of LiGRE’s Premium features free of charge for one year, LiGRE ambassadors are eligible for a 25% discount on automatic transcription time. Write to us for additional information.

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