Work smarter by opening a qualitative research laboratory for your organization or department

Discover the Laboratory, LiGRE’s teaching platform

LiGRE’s Laboratory is a cloud-based platform dedicated to teaching qualitative data analysis. It offers all of LiGRE’s QDA features, plus it allows you to prepare your lessons, share educational content with your students, monitor their progress, and assist them throughout their work.

Manage your own cloud-based QDA platform

Invite your colleagues and students to join your laboratory to assist you or to work under your supervision. Lab members get their automatic transcription and qualitative data analysis tools directly from the laboratory. In short, all their projects’ expenses are taken care of via the laboratory, allowing them to devote themselves entirely to their research projects.

Follow the progress of your users’ project in real-time

The LiGRE Laboratory allows you to create a workspace where students can conduct research projects under your supervision while enabling you to view their projects and evaluate their results.

Your members gain access to all of LiGRE’s qualitative data analysis features

Perfect for Teaching

Perfect for Teaching

The LiGRE Laboratory offers all the essential features to help your students complete their projects.
The intuitive interface and advanced functionalities of the LiGRE Laboratory will quickly enable your students to become more familiar with the principles and techniques of qualitative research.

Teach Outside the Classroom

LiGRE’s cloud-based technology allows both you and your students to overcome the limitations of old technologies.
The LiGRE Laboratory is compatible with most Web platforms and only requires an Internet connection to operate. Your students can access their project from anywhere and at any time, making it very useful for end semester assignments since students don’t have to be in class to move their project along!

Project-based packages for business and university departments


0.00 $ 90.00 $ 45.00 $ 81.00 $ 150.00 $
Free foreverClassroomResearch teamBig DataDepartment
Features from the free plan for each user
Features from the Student plan for each user
Features from the Researcher plan for each user
Features from the Big Data plan for each user
Features from the Pro plan for each user
Maximum number of projects
Maximum number of users
Plans are automatically upgraded to match the number of active users and projects in your account.
Automatic transcription hours
Transcriptions hours are added to the admin account according to the total number of projects active at your highest point during the month. They can be manually distributed to users through the admin panel or automatically attributed to projects.
Discount on additional transcription purchases
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Qualitative Data Analysis Features

Codification tree management

Import your tree, or build it as you go.

Data Export

LiGRE allows you to export all of your data, raw or processed.

Graph Generator

Use your data to create instant bar charts, pie charts, tables, and word clouds. These charts can also be exported.

Pivot Table

LiGRE’s pivot table tool allows you to check your hypothesis in a few seconds by comparing the relationships between variables.

Respondent Management

Assign up to 2 respondents per document to paragraphs to keep track of who said what.

Secure Cloud Storage

Never risk losing your work again. Your data is securely stored on the cloud and complies with GDPR standards. With a free plan, get up to 250MB and 10 documents.

Automatic Transcription

For as low as 6$/h, save countless hours by using LiGRE’s speech-to-text engine. With a premium plan, get some free transcription time every month, as well as a nice discount on your purchases.

Advanced Respondent Management

Assign unlimited respondents to documents and paragraphs, with multiple documents tracking for each respondent.

Up to 50GB of secure cloud storage

Upload an unlimited number of documents or up to 50GB with a premium project.

Better public page visibility

Quickly get more visits and likes on your project by upping its visibility. Make your research shine!

Survey Builder

Build your own qualitative survey, or import it into LiGRE for distribution. Easily share your survey with a link, and collect responses.

Premium Features


Can’t find what you’re looking for? Ask for direct assistance!

You can contact our support team at any time to get direct help from one of our advisors. You can also check online, on our Knowledge Base, to find quick answers to your questions.


How does the laboratory work?

First, you must invite your students to the laboratory. Each invited student can then create an individual or team project in the laboratory. As a laboratory owner, you can follow, comment, and evaluate all the projects created.


How do you build team projects in the laboratory?

All you need to do is invite the team leaders to your laboratory. They can then invite their colleagues to join their project.


Can I buy automatic transcription time for my members?

Yes, you can purchase automatic transcription time and redistribute it to members using your laboratory interface.


What happens when I close my laboratory?

All of the members’ projects will be archived, allowing them to continue to consult them or reopen them to keep working on them.

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